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Welcome to the world of Liquid Illusions a hydro dipping company built on 40 years of personal paint and coatings experience.

What We Do

Located in Chambersburg Pennsylvania, Liquid Illusions offers you limitless possibilities in high quality brand name patterns and state-of-the-art dipping. All the equipment used in the dipping process is brand new, top-of-the-line machinery. We only dip your items in the best hydro print patterns available on the market. If you want to blend into the background; or stand out in a crowd, Liquid Illusions can help! Send us your tree stands, guns & fire arms, binoculars, bows, scopes, car & truck exterior/interior parts, or virtually any non-fabric 3-Dimensional item, and we will dip it in the pattern of your choice.


What Makes Us Different

Liquid Illusions has been created for people like you: hunters & auto enthusiasts. Our goal is to provide large quantities of hydro printing for large companies and small quantities for the individual. We have split our company in half in order to be able to cater to both parties. Our individual clients are just as important to us as our larger clients. This enables us to offer the same great deals to individual consumers instead of charging them an arm and a leg. We just want to accomplish two things; make you look good, and make a living not a fortune from all of our hard work.


Our Work

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We are located at 1451 Lincoln Way East; Chambersburg Pa, 17202.

Phone: (717) 504-8369